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Wushu Club Yuan Tong - Tai Chi Pula
in cooperation with
Croatian Tiancai Taijiquan Institute 
is organizing in Pula 

from 15-17 June 2018


Teacher: Master Zhu Xiang Qian, son of the Great Master Zhu Tiancai 

Program:Friday, 15.6. from 18-21 hrs - Chansigong and form 13 
Saturday, 16.6 from 9.30-12.30 / 15-18 h - Laojia Yilu
 Saturday, 16.6. at 7 pm - Official opening of the Croatian Taincai Taijiquan Institute
 Sunday, 17.6. from 9.30-12.30 - Laojia Yilu
 Sunday, 17.6. from 15-18 - Tuishou

Contact:, +385 (0) 99 710 3195,, www.taichipula.comMaster Zhu Xiang QianMaster Zhu Xiang Qian (朱 向前) is one of the world's best Chen Style Taiji martial arts instructors 
and has the privilege of being born in the Village of Chenjiagou in Henan Province, China (中国 河南省 温县 陈家沟) as the second son of the Great Master Zhu Tiancai (朱 天才). The Zhu family is one of the main bearers of Chinese martial arts with more than 500 years of tradition dating back to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). GM Zhu Tiancai's  mother belongs to the Chen family who is the source of Taijiquan in the world and GM Zhu Tiancai is trained by his cousins ​​and guardians of the original Taijiquan tradition.Great Master Zhu Tiancai is one of four Chinese tigers or Jingangs, the gold devarajas of "guardian" (四大 金刚) Chen Taijiquan and the Chinese government of the selected ambassadors of Taijiquan in the world. Master Zhu Xiang Qian has received instructions of Taiji from his father since the age of five and was formally trained in Taiji in Chenjiagou Taiji School since the ninth year of age.After more than 20 years of training, Master Zhu Xiang Qian became the official Chen Taiji master of the 20th generation and one of China's leading Taijiquan instructors. During his youth he won numerous medals, and in 1991 he was the instructor of Taijiquan Provincial Henan and has trained thousands of students from England, Korea, Japan and various Southeast Asian countries. In 1996 he was officially awarded the title of the leading Taiji master and advisor to Chen Stil Taijiquan and over the years he traveled to Seoul, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore to enthusiastically teach Taijiquan.Master Zhu Xiang Qian is currently living in Singapore and where hi teaches Taijiquan to the Singapore community
The representative of the Zhu family and President of the Croatian Tiancai Taijiquan Institute is M ° David Petrović.

Monday, January 23, 2017


There will be an exellent workshop with John Kelly in Ljubljana. Here is the description of Slovenian 5R Team. Please, read and if you like it, take a chance and join the dance:
Movement practice of 5Rhythms® Gabrielle Roth
Led by John Kelly

WHERE: Waldorfska šola, Streliška ulica 12a, Ljubljana

Friday, 17th February 2017, from 7.00 to 10.00 pm
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2017, from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

… A-UM !!!

John Kelly is Scottish; he teaches the 5Rhythms® (he obtained his formation at the Moving Center School USA, of Gabrielle Roth, in 1994, 1998 and 2007 - Heartbeat) leading workshops in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia. For many years he held weekly classes of dance in London and Zagreb. John has a degree in Psychology and he’s specialized in group therapy, psycho drama and theatre therapy. He is also a yoga teacher and he pursues the tradition of the Native American Deer 

More info on:

To register for workshop please fill the online application form from the Tickets Available field.
More info about workshop: Sandra Misdaris -, +386 40 578 439
Info and registration for lunch: Irena Šimnovec -

We meet you all on the dance floor!
5R Slovenia Team"

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Dear friends, 
welcome to the deep - inegrative experience. About Soul Hunting with Wilbert everything is explained on
 so use your curiosity and check out :) : 


“ The results of SOUL HUNTING is one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me. The change in me was so deep. Wilbert's words resonate in my head daily and I now act based on integrity. Having this sense of integrity and fluidity brought magic where before there was none. I feel truly honored to have participated in a group process like this ... it was a truly magical experience and just the beginning of my path in shamanism. " -Testimony of a participant in a Soul Hunting Retreat.

SOUL HUNTING is a contemporary shamanic ritual that rejuvenates life energy and restores the integrity of the soul. SOUL HUNTING energizes life and heals deep traumas both from childhood and current life. People who have participated reported that their SOUL HUNTING journey was one of the deepest experiences of their life...

The SOUL HUNTING RITUAL involves a transformational journey of five stages:

• Preparation • Initiation • Desolation • Shamanic Healing Journey • Integration

What will I learn? What will I benefit by participating in this ritual?

Participants will have the opportunity to heal physical, mental, emotional and sexual trauma. This ritual includes an introductory seminar on Rites of Passage. Should expect a dynamic process that will access and change parts of your deep psyche that were impacted by difficult life experiences. You will experience a renewed sense of well-being and a more expanded view of life in general. People who also study subjects like shamanism, family constellations, spiritual dance, etc. will receive additional benefit from the knowledge received in this ritual.

"Shamanic cultures experience the entire body as a thinking organism rather than limiting intelligence to the physical brain only. By stimulating the body and mind simultaneously, shamans journey to parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems become clear. These dynamic vision journeys are legendary, providing the foundation for both individual and cultural wisdom. - Wilbert Alix


Wilbert Alix has earned a solid international reputation as a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanism. Wilbert continues to develop the professional application of Trance Dance, Soul Hunting and other contemporary techniques as therapeutic as rituals tools for healing. He conducts annual trainings and retreats around the world. Often, Wilbert, appears at professional conferences and scientific institutes to teach mind / body techniques for individuals and organizations.


1. Please wear a white outfit. These cloths should be comfortable and loose fitting, suitable for ritual work and movement.

2. Please bring a blindfold or bandana.

3. Please bring a blanket (or two) and a pillow.

4. Please bring a bottle of water.


Location in Ljubljana:

6pm to 10pm



8pm to 11pm


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


           "Living an authentic life is our most intimate form of spiritual worship."  Wilbert Alix

 OCTOBER 13-16, 2016

Wilbert Alix:
"The Authentic Self Expression retreat is based on a series of Limit Situations... organized structures that subtly move participants beyond their current limits and directly into trusting more of our personal & emotional power. This retreat is 'orchestrated' more than traditionally taught through didactic methods. Instead, all experiential structures and exercises are connected to each other in non-cognitive ways. When woven together these experiences accomplish a depth of healing that comes from their collective nature, inducing expanded awareness and transformation, which is what occurs when Thought & Experience happen simultaneously.

Communication is our way of being in the world. Our communication reflects who we are and affects everything we touch... our career, personal relationships and our ability to manifest health, wealth and abundance. All of these elements of life are dramatically inpacted by how authentic we are capable of being.
Authenticity is spiritual clarity in motion...
...and when authenticity is present everything else in our life works better. Achieving authenticity is not a learned behavior but more like unlearning who you think you are. These transformed experiences open you to seeing a whole new world... raising your pleasure tolerance and increasing your capacity to allow love into your life."

More about retreat on:


Monday, August 22, 2016


Sept 9-11 Wilbert Alix will lead the Dynamic Mythology Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia.

"I highly recommend it! 
Every Wilbert's workshop initiated profound changes in my being and life. Through work with Wilbert the images of my inner worlds become clear and focused and, even more important, connected with deep meaning. At the same time, this meaning easier manifests itself in interaction with the environment, often in unpredictable, but always in constructive ways. Wilbert is a teacher with deep knowledge and experience that  holds the space with charismatic integrity, as it enables and allows to others."
Helena Gaia Petrovic

The 5 Experiential Ritual Modalities of Dynamic Mythology:

Entering Your Body/Mind Consciousness

Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self

Pathways To Forgiveness

The 12 Mystical Stages Of Our Spiritual & Physical Evolution

Journeying For Power
More about the workshop on

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Talk for the newspaper Conjunction (Veznik) with Helena Petrovic from Gaia Collective, led by Daniela Knapic. 

While in the city  of Pula, Istria, Croatia, known mainly for classes of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, activities of Gaia Collective which operates on the 3rd floor of DC Rojc, Pula, since 1999 , are much more numerous and more diverse. About them and about the community more we learn of its initiator, Helena Petrovic ... 

- I would like to emphasize that the Gaia Collective is an informal community that crosses borders not only of Pula and Istria, but also Croatia. Our aim is the improvement of the life quality, the development of consciousness and creative potentials with an emphasis on precious roads such as Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, spiritual and therapeutic Dance methods, the Esoteric Art; then psycho-spiritual methods of self-development; Permaculture and Geomancy as creative co-creation of man and the Universe ... Our modes of action are diverse and on this issue we are flexible. We do not cling exclusively to one activity, we believe that if one does not work, it will work the other, there is always a solution. Currently, there is an accent on techniques that empower both individuals and groups and awaken in the people an awareness of their strengths and potentials. We are active since 1994 and the center Gaia Holistic since 2004. We are organized horizontally within circles that cooperate and interact: Gaia Holistic Center, Gaia Art Lab, Gaia Terra Viva and  Gnosis Viva. Since I was the moving spirit of the story, I appeare in public mostly, which does not mean that the contribution of all the other members is the less valuable. 

One of the most important goals is the developing of a support network in all areas and stages of human life, especially at the local community, and beyond ... 

Yes, and we realize it slowly but surely. Within the collective we already work with all age groups, ranging from creative workshops for children to the psychological and physical support for the people of the third age. Within Essential Shakti Yoga, we are also available as educated doula-support for mothers before, during and after childbirth. Gaia Terra Viva promotes the healthy products at prices much cheaper than usual and thus join the project of our colleagues, activists from other parts of Croatia, which aim is to cut a vicious cycle in which all the rich eat healthier, and the poor poorer . Also, the goal is to empower activist enterprises and mutual cooperation and exchange of products and services. In addition to the inefficient social system that has an end in itself and has lost the touch with the real needs of people, also the relationship with the life-giving processes, self-organization and mutual support, as well as the skills of cooperation and sharing, are becoming a necessity if we want to survive not as a nation, but as human kind.
How did you come to that  what are you doing today, what have you dealt with until you decided to do Taijiquan or Tai Chi, (Helena Gaia is the founder of the Center Yuan Tong - Tai Chi Club Pula) and then for everything else you today do?

- I have always been dissatisfied with the civilization in which I was incarnated, I didn't fit into this world with mistake. I left Pula during the high school, first in Porec, then in the United States and then for years traveled or lived in different countries. I finished high school in Sacramento, California, as the most promising visual artist in generation, but instead of the art started my BA in journalism in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The circumstances have led me in a situations and among people with different skills than formal, that I spontaneously absorbed, but truly began to understand only many years later. After a deep physical and emotional crisis at the beginning of the war, I realized that for me the only way to stay on the Earth is creating the world in what I'd like to live and so it went, step by step. The process of co-creation is what fulfills me today and I enjoy it. In 1995 we established family Agency Gaia Travel, through which a lot of people pilgrimaged to India. At the same time I organized, in our house in Medulin, a Gnostic gatherings and numerous lectures and seminars. At these gatherings, we spontaneously shared the knowledge and experiences which, in the regular world, are very expensive. Basically, I was very confused, but the doors were opened one after another, and my only choice was either indefinitely experience convulsions on the doorstep or go into the unknown. Until the establishment of Tai Chi Club Pula, I was doing the esoteric art and this is something that is slowly coming back into my life again.

What attracted you to Taijiquan and Yoga? 

-Hatha Yoga I started practicing in 1989 in Ljubljana and a traditional yoga was, and still is, my refuge. Today I'm leading the yoga circles for women in all stages of life and behind me is a long time of practice impeded by youthful vigor, and restless spirit. On the other hand, Taijiquan and Chinese martial arts, that I started to practice in 1992 in Padua, Italy, became my fate immediately. As soon as I saw
Taijiquan form performed by my first teacher, suddenly I saw the whole future time, and the club that I founded seven years later and David Petrovic, who now runs the Center Yuan Tong - Tai Chi Pula, currently one of the strongest centers of Taijiquan in Croatia. David was the Croatian champion in Taijiquan, in the forms of bare hands and with weapons, and now we are focused on working with children. I can safely say that in the club already exercise several future champions. However, whether the children will chose the competitive aspects of skills is less important. What is worth is that Chinese martial arts can, not only develop the maximum of their ability, but also enrich the children's spirit, or at least, to some extent protect it from the general degradation in society. Chinese Wushu which includes a huge number of Chinese martial arts is a sport of the future and China is working that Taijiquan in the year 2024 becomes an Olympic sport. 

It is an undeniable merit of your Centre in popularizing these Chinese skills in Pula and beyond, because when you started about them was known little or nothing 

...For over 17 years we lead in DC Rojc, Pula, Istria, Croatia beginner and advanced courses of Taijiquan for adults, bare hands and weapons forms, Taiji Qigong recreation. We work a lot with working people and the elderly,... last years with children, too. David and I are the only Croatian certified instructors within the three national Wushu Federations: Chinese, Italian and Croatian. We cooperate with the town of Pula, as well as with the Pula's Gerontology Center. Over the years we worked with a lot of different organizations, institutions and enterprises. The basics of Tai Chi Chuan are very applicable and useful in a variety of professions. Often, for example, I assist during the dance gatherings where I introduce the universal principles of Tai Chi Chuan in the preparatory dance exercises. I also started with OMMMotion Lab (Organic Medicine-Motion Method) which contains a synthesis of the key elements of Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Shamanic Dances and my entire life experience. 

Where in the beginning any difficulties, mistrust, as you waded through the initial resistance? 

Beginnig was difficult, but today these barriers I see it as a necessary process of empowerment. Despite all difficulties, people came and practiced, and some of them regularly exercise today. Thanks to their confidence and perseverance center has survived and to those first members I'm extremely grateful. Today, when China is working that traditional Taijiquan and knowledge of the Chen family comes under the protection of UNESCO as world intangible heritage, when the elementary knowledge in Taijiquan is a matter of general culture, today I know that all of difficulties made sense. 
Similarly repeats with shamanic dances and other activities that I just recently in Pula began to promote intensively, but today I am indifferent and less than ever I'm willing to compromise. The resistance will exist until we break the ice ... if we break .... but if not, I will continue to enjoy what I do as long as it fulfilles me. My responsibility is to clearly define myself, not to comfort with anybody's expectations and the selection is made. I'd rather work with five people who appreciate the transformative process through which we are going  together, then with 50 people coming for fashion.
Something that you lead in recent times are Trance Dance dance workshops, as well as workshops of family constellations ... 

-I do shamanic dances, including the Trance Dance, and they came seemingly simple to me - dancing
for years through various dance practices. Shamanism is not only the one of the pillars of Taoism, thus taijiquan, but is at the core of all traditions with whom I met, so this our, Balkan-Mediterranean. When stripped away layers of cultural diversity, the shamanic methods become very powerful tools for improving the quality of all areas of life, from individual psycho-spiritual transformation to team building. The movement of the Spirit and neoshamanism brought me to the family constellation method. I'm just finishing the third year of training, also assisted to one of my mentors in Slovenia and through all realized, as many times before, that the Western world only re-discovered traditional methods of  system balancing that were used to be practiced in every village . The knowledge did not dissapeared completely, in a peculiar way it was stored by the last krsniks in Istria and dragon people from the Balkans. Therefore, what I do is not a modern family constellation method, but for now I call it The Family Tree Healing and Dynamic Harmonization, and in my work is included all that was present once within a healthy community: image, movement, rhythm, voice, sound, etc. 

One thing that connects all the techniques offered by Gaia Collective is "ecstasy", in terms of the state of fulfillment and balance that every being strives ...

                                                              -Ecstasy is the natural human condition! Sometimes we can see how it is spontaneously present in children when they play in the now-here and traditional communities have always been aware of the importance of ecstasy. Deeply connected with nature, they have maintained the balance through stories, music, singing, dancing and taking care of all the members. A healthy human being or a community  deprived of possibility for natural ecstasy, has a pressing need to manifest itself, even through the dark ecstasy ... and this is a feature of modern civilization,... destructive ecstasy, which breaks away from the real life and destroyes it. One of the gateways of entering into the trance state are continuous, rhythmic repetitions and, at first glance, there is no difference between boring repetitive actions that people do every day (work, Supermarket, TV, FB ...) and repetitive actions while eg. practice Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga or shamanic dances ... the real difference is qualitative and substantive. While daily dark trans gradually and continuously sucks all the energy out of a human beings, depriving them even of their humanity, the methods of positive trance fullfill body with energy, awake hidden potentials, strengthen the heart and enrich the spirit. Regular practice of these and similar skills creates a cumulative effect, thus enabling the transition from the dark state to a state of natural ecstasy, in a completely different quality of life, in the life that naturally should be. Very often, spontaneous and abrupt transitions from dark to natural ecstasy, so-called moments of awakening, result in chaos, anxiety and depression, because awareness of the abyss between heaven and hell can be unbearably painful for untrained and unprepared mind. Facilitate the people's crossing the bridge of perception, in times when everything that they thought was important collapses, to help them discover and develop their true talents and resources and thereby improve their quality of life and contribute to the community, is my life's calling. From this perspective, it does not matter which method currently I use. I adapt my operations to the people, beings, communities and regions that I meet. I'm doing this because I strongly believe that the heaven on earth is possible now-and-here, only the fraction of a second is sometimes enough for a big turnaround. And vice versa, unfortunately. The choice and responsibility is the matter of individual decision of each conscious being. 

The DCU Rojc accommodated you for many years. How much that space was a motivating factor in your development and how the obstacle? What today means the Rojc for you ? 

We're in Rojc since 1999, now for the past 17 years, but it was not a love at first sight. It was something we have to do. Accordingly, we consciously selected space in the corner of the ancestors (according to Chinese feng shui art of spatial planning) and thus actually all the time we do, the traditional skills in modern guise. Rojc once was not a pleasant place to work and offen, deeply infected by Rojc, I asked for a break, for a comfortable and easy environment, preferably in nature ... and I went temporarily, from time to time, on some much nicer places. Then, rested and fresh again, returned to Pula and Rojc. As happyness of returning back was rising each time more, I realized finally that wherever I go I carry the Rojc with me. And Pula, too ... It is so. For me, the Rojc is the real center of Pula, the city within the city for the free people. Many people in Pula are still not aware of the meaning and importance of Rojc for the wider community, but they will become. Because of its location in the city center and because of the energy that within is Rojc developed, it's value for the future of Pula, Istria and beyond is irreplaceable and priceless. A lot of dreams, visions and hard work is woven into what we call now DC Rojc and this energetic form exceeded the physical frame of the building, as well as individual interests. Rojc is one of the rescue boats in a storm that rises, ready to plunge, not only the remnants of life as we have known it, but many of the human souls. How will the boat be stable and accessible to as many people is possible, depends on all of us together.

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"John Kelly is a long-time teacher of the 5 Rhythms Dance. By the time he moved to Rome, John was the Soul of  5 Rhythms movement in Croatia and mentor of the first and second generation of teachers in the Balkans and beyond, setting a high pedagogic and ethical standards to all those who teach this method and not just it. As a psychologist with years of experience, a great teacher of yoga, also experienced in the North American shamanic traditions, John is the mentor / supervisor of teachers who practice other methods of self-development. His workshops are the combination of dancing, singing, psychodrama, ritual theater, art, deep shamanic experiences, wonderful magic touch and a lot of fun. John is unique. His simplicity, humbleness, humor, creativity, authenticity and goodness are precious and rare. Responsible freedom which he lives, makes it easier for others to live it, too..... I could talk for days about everything that I learned from John, and I will continue to transmit untill the end of my life ... so far, it's better to finish now and let those who want to experience John's work. All his workshops are transformative and unique, deeply penetrating beyond the illusory appearance and social conditioning, even the joyful summer celebration."
Helena Gaia Petrovic

Here Comes …. Summer Dance
She comes moving up slowly
She’s got good vibrations
She’s got holy moly
She’s dancing Waves
Down by the sea
Got to be a dancer
To set it all free
Come together
Right now
Let it be

Single booking:
Full 290 euro.
Early 250 euro
early booking deposit
(non refundable) 90 euro
required before 3rd july

 For additional info contact Martina.

Book now :

*Budget option:
Reflektor offers single room sharing in rough concrete units with an indoor camping ambience.
The Reflector site is opposite a popular beach.

*Camp Slanica:
this camping site is next to the beach and the Reflektor units. It takes 15 minutes walking time from the camp to our dance space.

*Camp Kosirina:
Camping next to the sea along a beautiful coastline with relaxed nudist bathing.
Transport necessary. It takes 10 mins by car to our dance space.

Contact Mrs. Beti.
E.mail: bijelic@post.htnet.h 

For additional info contact Martina.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The Earth is turning
In Magical Movement
Dreaming with time
In Mysterious Ways

We are not separate
We are her children
Remember your self
And dance in her waves

Come together
At one with your nature
Dance the Rhythms
The gifts of your birth

Wave of the Solstice
Taking you deeper
Into the changes
Of Grandmother Earth


Come celebrate Midsummer
Dance your Path clean
Quest for clear Vision
Awaken your Dream

Create Sacred Spaces
Sing Dance and Drum
Sit by the Fire
Share stories have Fun

Make beauty make silence
Make laughter or cry
Camp in the woods
Where Faeries can fly


Tuesday, May 03, 2016


The workshop ARTICULATION OF PRESENCE, guided by croatian actor Leon Lučev and organized by Gaia collective, will be held on 13, 14 and 15 of May, in Pula.

The three days workshop will start in the on Friday, 05.13. at 7pm, with the public presentation. It will continue in the Gaia Association, 3rd floor right, on Saturday and Sunday 14 and 15 of May since 10am to 6pm.

Detailed information and registration are available,, 00385 (0)95 890 1371 

The following is the Leon's brief description of the workshop: 
"What is happening is part of a group of people who gather and allow that to happen. Each group is different, I change, so that any explanation of the work was the memory of an experience that has passed. 

Here in Pula will be a new, authentic and unique, as well as all the experiences so far.An individual with himself, exposed in front of the group that accompanies it, or does not follow, support, refuses, likes and dislikes.What wakes while we're alone? What rises from the depths? How does it feel? Do we know that nominate?What if we accept it? As if to embrace? What if it occurs-disappearing?What if we are already perfect?These are the questions, experiences that we have encountered in the previous workshops. 

Operation is simple, basic. Individual himself in front of the group divides its current state, emotions, thoughts - nonverbal.Sometimes the work goes to dance, play, emotions.Sometimes I play a scene, sometimes we bring more participants.Stripped - behind all forms of thinking, emotion, identity stands out as an authentic, quiet, always there, while we wander in a sea of ​​imagination, fantasies, ... .. it's always there. That's us. "

 Description ba Nastja Kulović, the participants of the workshop: 


Workshop articulation of presence led by Leon Lučev is actually how Leon says, simple acting exercise that consists in the fact that an individual is exposed to the assembled group of people with whom nonverbal share their feelings and thoughts. 

Group to an individual, along with Leon, helps integrate what during its exposure to the surface, things with which otherwise we hardly face. Sometimes the work of an individual brings in the dance, play, or swirl of emotions, sometimes play a scene, sometimes Leon introduce more participants, but almost always at the end of the exercise the individual stands in front of a group without fear, shame, without embarrassment, in peace with everything he feels and thinks . 

The biggest boon of this workshop is the understanding that everything that is raised from the bottom is not characterized as good or bad, and the willingness of all to accept and embrace their nakedness. 

Each workshop is different as far as the different groups gather, because each workshop provides a new experience, takes us on a unique journey of dealing with our perfection that is, in fact, always there within us."